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SEO is a crucial part of a comprehensive marketing plan that is designed for maximum results and long-term, sustainable growth. Increasing the visibility of your website by improving your search engine rankings can have dramatic and lasting effects on your practice. Regardless of what you may have heard about search engine optimization, it is not a path to overnight success. Successful SEO strategy is a long-term commitment, requiring expertise and precision to properly implement.

The Search Engine Optimization Environment

SEO has changed quite a bit in the last few years, with some of the changes making certain aspects of it easier to get a handle on. However, certain aspects are also more complicated and present new challenges. Overall, the SEO environment has improved.
Google has made dramatic moves towards rewarding higher quality sites with excellent content, while at the same time eliminating much of the manipulation from internet marketers exposing loopholes.
To a certain degree, this has evened the playing field and the SEO world has made a shift back towards more traditional fundamentals that focus on delivering quality.

What Can SEO Do For My Business?

Utilizing proper SEO strategy can move your website up in the search engine rankings, which means more people will see it. Obviously, if your current website is on page 37 of the Google search results for the term “top therapist,” no one is going to look through 36 pages to find you.
However, moving your site into the top of the search results will mean a steady stream of visitors to your website. Needless to say, more visitors to your site on a consistent basis ultimately leads to converting a certain percentage of them into paying customers.
Additionally, even the visitors who do not become patients can offer benefits over time. A constant stream of traffic to your website will build your brand recognition, increase our visibility in your local community and it will start to become easier for people to find your other pages such as your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter profile and other venues where you have a presence.
One of the elements of SEO that makes it so powerful, is everything is tied together to a certain degree. If your search engine rankings improve allowing more people to find your website, then some of those visitors will seek out your social pages. More activity on your social pages will ultimately mean more visitors funneled to your site.
This is one of the reasons we take a holistic approach to internet marketing, and why we feel it is so vital to have a layered, multi-channel marketing strategy.

Sounds Simple, Right?

The basic concepts are simple and over time with a long-term plan, we can deliver amazing results. However, the actual application of SEO and adjusting to the marketplace is not an easy task. SEO techniques will have to be incorporated into almost every other marketing effort we set in motion and there are many different aspects of proper SEO that need to constantly be monitored.
There are actually three main categories of SEO and each category has its own list of factors that need to be managed. Below is a list of the three categories with just a few examples of factors that will need SEO management.

3 Categories of SEO and Factors Affecting SEO

Website Structure

Mobile Friendly
Domain Registration & History
URL Structure
Clean Code

On-Page SEO

Keyword Placement
Keyword Research
Long Tail Keywords
100% Original Content
Optimized Images
Frequency of Content Updates
Outbound Links
Internal Links
Meta Description Tags

Off-Page SEO

Brand Mentions/Implied Links
Domains Linked
Pages Linked
PageRank of Pages Linked
Link Relevancy
Social Media Presence
Local Listings Ex. Google Places
Local Review Sites
SEO is not simple, but we have many years of experience and a reputation for delivering consistent results for therapists and professional practices all types. We do not offer overnight success and riches beyond your wildest dreams.
We do offer experience, expertise and cost effective services that will help you accomplish your business goals on a long-term basis.
We understand the needs of professional practices including time demands and budget constraints. Our focus is providing you with comprehensive and cost effective marketing solutions that deliver powerful results.

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