Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Protecting the Most Valuable Asset You Will Ever Have

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Your reputation is the most valuable asset you have for many different reasons. It shapes how people think of you, determines levels of trust and has a direct effect on the success of your business. Many business owners spend a huge amount of money on advertising, business infrastructure and operating costs to run a business, but never think twice about protecting their investment.

Protect the Time and Money You Have Invested

Reputation management isn’t about making you look like an expert in your field; it’s about protecting the time and money you have invested in building your practice. We all know bad news travels a lot faster than good news, a bad reputation online can quickly ruin a solid base you have spent months, or even years, developing.
Bad reviews, nasty comments and all types of negative information can find its way onto social media sites, local business review pages and forums of all types. A potential patient could read a dozen positive remarks about you, only to have their favorable impression completely undone with just a few sentences of negativity from an anonymous user.
It might be surprising, but there are actually companies that offer to ruin the reputation of competitors, as long as a business will pay them to do it. There are also cases where due to a misunderstanding or over reaction someone will make a negative post online without really considering the consequences or degree of negativity. Of course, there is always the risk of an ex-employee who left on less than good terms trying to get some “pay back” as well. Regardless of the intent, it is vital your practice and your reputation are secure.

Build Your Brand and Protect Your Brand

Branding and reputation management work together to provide a solid foundation for your practice. We use our expertise and a set of specific strategies to monitor your reputation, along with proactive reputation enhancement techniques. If a negative review or post appears online, we follow a thorough process to identify the source, validity and take steps to remove it. This constant and ongoing process works side-by-side brand building efforts.
We know you are a great therapist with the highest level of integrity and you know you are a great therapist. However, potential patients make a decision about you based on what they see and read online
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