Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Comprehensive and Effective Marketing Strategy Producing Powerful Results for Professional Practices

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For a professional practice to be successful and stable on a long-term basis, it needs a way to generate a steady stream of potential new patients, build brand recognition and increase patient loyalty. However, therapists operate in a very competitive marketplace with increasing demands on their time, rising overhead costs and more administrative requirements than ever. This means professional practices need solutions that are cost effective, time efficient and deliver consistent results.

Our Marketing Approach

We understand the needs of your practice and we have a reputation for delivering real results. Placing a few posts on Facebook or simply having a website with your name on it is not enough. We provide complete marketing plans with comprehensive internet marketing strategies proven to deliver dynamic results for therapists.
Our strategies utilize multiple digital channels in a targeted approach, customized to deliver the type of quality patients your individual practice wants. While we build a network of channels to deliver potential new patients, we also implement campaigns to build your brand recognition, manage your reputation and build a strong base for the future of your practice.

Next Month, Next Year and in 5 Years

We view business and marketing strategy from a long-term perspective. Adding a few patients today is great, but if you do not have a comprehensive strategy that produces reliable results each month, year after year, it can be very difficult to grow your practice consistently. Our approach is targeted to produce quality prospects that are a good long term fit for your business today and into the future.

A Customized Marketing Strategy for Your Practice

Your marketing plan will be customized to fit the details of your individual practice and deliver the type of patients you want. We use our many years of experience, fundamental marketing principles and a full suite of marketing tools to implement a multi-channel internet marketing campaign exposing your practice to a targeted audience of prospective patients.

Multi-Channel Strategy

Content Development
List Building
Email Marketing
Google Places
Paid Search Management
Social Media Marketing
Professional Website Design
PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click)
Content Marketing
Targeted Campaigns for Mobile Device Users
Video Marketing
The list above includes only some of the methods we use in our marketing approach to produce excellent results. We believe you should never rely on only one or two methods, even if they are currently delivering results. The market changes from month to month and your marketing plan needs to constantly adjust with it.
We understand the needs of professional practices including time demands and budget constraints. Our focus is providing you with comprehensive and cost effective marketing solutions that deliver powerful results.

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